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At Magical Mindset Moments, we guide parents through the mindset lessons embedded in the Disney stories we know and love to help them deepen their connection to themselves, their families & friends, and their communities.

Sound intriguing? We'd love for you to join us on this journey!

We Believe In The Magic Of Family

We believe that kids are magic. Their unbridled potential is other-worldly.

We also believe in our magic as parents when we bring the gift of our best, most fulfilled selves to our families and to the world.

Our time with our kiddos is so precious. It is our privilege to be a part of the journey as these magical little sprouts grow until one day (as Crush would say) koo-koo-kachew they head out into the Big Ole Blue.

We’re here to come alongside you and your family with a weekly dose of Big Thinks that help you learn more about yourself, your kids, and uncover the amazingly unique ways you can each bring your unique gifts and talents to this world.

We hope you’ll join us for the journey. It’s going to be a magical ride!

Who is the Magical Mindset Moments Podcast for?

Magical Mindset Moments is a family-friendly parenting podcast that explores life lessons from Disney movies. We're here to serve anyone who longs for deeper, more meaningful connections and conversations with their families and wants to connect with other diverse but similarly-motivated folks.

You can listen alone and use what you hear to foster conversations with your family or share the listening experience with your kiddos and see what you all learn together.

Whatever serves you best, we're here for it!

Meet Your Hosts

Jen Hoffman_Co-Host of the Magical Mindset Moments Podcast

Jen Hoffman


Total Body Nerd & Avid Reader

20+ Years as a Yoga Teacher to Students Ages 4 - 84

Certified Personal Trainer, Mindset Coach

Homeschooling Mama

Former Public Accountant 

Walking & Plant Enthusiast

Childhood Favorite Disney Movie

Mary Poppins

All-Time Favorite Disney Movie


Guilty-Pleasure Disney Movie

The Parent Trap

(The original OR the remake with Lindsay.)

Favorite Non-Disney Movies

Big & The Princess Bride

Lauren Gaggioli_Co-Host of the Magical Mindset Moments Disney Podcast

Lauren Gaggioli


Knitter, Homebrewer, Gardener

Avid Writer & Reader

New-To-Homeschooling Mama

runDisney Enthusiast (Dopey '23 baby!)

Former ACT & SAT Prep Teacher

Classically Trained Actress

Childhood Favorite Disney Movie

Peter Pan

All-Time Favorite Disney Movie


Guilty-Pleasure Disney Movie

High School Musical Trilogy


Favorite Non-Disney Movies

Jaws, Jurassic Park & The Philadelphia Story