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Here at Magical Mindset Moments, everything we do is rooted in one true thing: that stories have the power to change us in real life. 

A secondary truth: parenting is hard some (most?) days. We're here to support parents who are longing to cultivate a deeper connection with themselves, their families, and their communities.

The journey to transformation begins with the Magical Mindset Moments Podcast, a mindset podcast exploring life lessons from Disney stories. 

For those who want to go deeper, the Magic Family - our Patreon community - allows us to go even further with weekly journal prompts and conversation starters, discussion guides for our Magical Movie of the Month, and so much more.

Jen Hoffman

Mindset WIZARD

A problem-solver and data guru at heart, when Jen saw twenty years ago that her yoga and personal training clients were struggling to actually use the classes they purchased from her (like so many people who pay for gym memberships they don't use), she turned to mindset and personal development research. That began a journey that would not only help her students build powerful self-care habits, but also change Jen's own life as well.

She's so excited to bring all of the mindset gems she's learned with her community of students (ages 4 - 84) to Magical Mindset Moments!

She is the founder and creator of
HealthyMoving.com, mom to three homeschooled kids who don't know how lucky they are to have Walt Disney World in their backyard, and wife to a husband who works for a mouse.

Lauren Gaggioli


A recovering overachieving people-pleaser, Lauren is ever-so-grateful for the wonderful world of self-help books that introduced her to mindset work. It has helped her find a more peaceful, authentic way to move through the world - even in the midst of the nutritious chaos* that is the hallmark of any home with two kiddos on the loose.

After selling her online test prep company and college admissions podcast in 2021, the runway was cleared for takeoff for Magical Mindset Moments...in addition to a novel or two that she is writing as well!

What a grand adventure. So glad you're here to join in too, friend.

*Hat tip to parent coach Mary van Geffen for this delicious term!

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