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A supportive community for parents and listeners of the Magical Mindset Moments Podcast that helps you take the mindset lessons from each episode even further.

Curiosity & Courage & Connection

Our heritage and ideals, our code and standards, the things we live by and teach our children are preserved or diminished by how freely we exchange ideas and feelings.

- Walt Disney

Here in the Magic Family, our Patreon community for the Magical Mindset Moments podcast, we're here to encourage you to...

  • grow curiosity and compassion towards yourself and towards others,
  • foster deep, meaningful conversations in your home even when those conversations are intellectually or emotionally challenging, and
  • create beautiful connections within your home, within your immediate community, and throughout our Magic Family where we laugh together through the silly and support one another through the hard.

While we are building this community with parents and families in mind, the work we do together is applicable to anyone seeking to live their most intentional, authentic life.

Whether you're single or partnered, young or young at heart, if the message resonates with you, you are absolutely welcome here.

What's Included In Your Membership

While the Magical Mindset Moments podcast will get you started on this journey, the Magic Family community helps you move further faster. 

Plus you get to make friends along the way too, which we absolutely love.

Here's what else is included with Walt, our Founding Member* level:

  • Support the continued production of the Magical Mindset Moments Podcast
  • Weekly episode guide with journal prompts and conversation starters
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  • Discussions with fellow Magic Family members
  • Early bird registration for future events, such as family retreats in Walt Disney World and parent-only retreats around the globe

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Meet Your Community Leaders

Jen Hoffman


Total Body Nerd & Avid Reader

20+ Years as a Yoga Teacher to Students Ages 4 - 84

Certified Personal Trainer, Mindset Coach

Homeschooling Mama

Former Public Accountant 

Walking & Plant Enthusiast

Childhood Favorite Disney Movie

Mary Poppins

All-Time Favorite Disney Movie


Guilty-Pleasure Disney Movie

The Parent Trap

(The original OR the remake with Lindsay.)

Favorite Non-Disney Movies

Big & The Princess Bride

Lauren Gaggioli


Knitter, Homebrewer, Gardener

Avid Reader, Sometimes Writer

New-To-Homeschooling Mama

runDisney Enthusiast (Dopey '23 baby!)

Former ACT & SAT Prep Teacher

Classically Trained Actress

Childhood Favorite Disney Movie

Peter Pan

All-Time Favorite Disney Movie


Guilty-Pleasure Disney Movie

High School Musical Trilogy


Favorite Non-Disney Movies

Jaws, Jurassic Park & The Philadelphia Story