Whether it was your first movie in the theater like Lauren or you are still living that Little Mermaid life with husbandly antics accompanying every car ride like Jen, The Little Mermaid has certainly left its mark on us.

Is there anything so breathtaking as Jodi Benson's voice? We'd argue that there very likely is not.

And while we adore that fiercely independent mermaid, in this episode we're going to talk about a different creature entirely. A merman*, in fact.

That's right! King Triton himself takes center stage as we explore an all-to-familiar challenge in parenting: really seeing our kids. Like...really really seeing them. 

This isn't about permissiveness. It's about connection. Let's dive in, shall we?

*Derek Zoolander will not be featured as part of this episode. Apologies to all.

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