What does it mean to Bump The Lamp and what can this lesson do to help us in our everyday lives?

The term Bump The Lamp comes from a scene in Who Framed Roger Rabbit in which Eddie Valiant, played by Bob Hoskins, is trying to cut off the handcuffs that tie him to Roger. Throughout the scene, he bumps his head repeatedly on a lamp in the room causing it to swing which made the animation of that scene considerably more expensive and time-consuming.

The animation team made the choice to do it anyway because Bumping The Lamp makes the scene better. Viewers wouldn't have known the difference, but the final product wouldn't have been as good. And the animators would've known it.

Every now and then along the path of life, we have moments in which we too can make a choice. We can choose to skirt the hard work and delay both the pain and the pay off, or we can choose to do the hard thing in the moment that will set the vector of our path in a more favorable direction and deliver Future Us from having to shoulder the burden.

Which should we choose? Let's dive in and explore this concept together!

In this episode, we also shared a new post we're going to create in the Magic Family, our Patreon community for supporters of the Magical Mindset Moments Podcast, where we will craft our Disney lexicon. In this post, we will all share our bite-sized Disney phrases that we use to keep things light even when moments are hard. 

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This Week's Big Think

Where can you choose to "bump the lamp" today in service of a big payoff down the line?

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