So often when we are facing Herculean tasks or are watching others do so, we ascribe our or their successes or failures to identity words.

We say: I am so lazy. Or he's so motivated. Or she's so smart. Or they're so bossy.

But what if identity isn't the whole story? What if it's not even the important part of the story? What if we make like Dory and forget identity entirely?

Then what? 

Well, buckle up, because that's exactly what we're diving into today with Jen's Four Things Framework that is going to give you a more compassionate, whole-hearted, helpful way to assess your roadblocks and make forward progress for yourself or guide the tiny humans in your life to do the same.

The Four Things are: Information, Support, Skills & Tools, and Demands

Once you hear how these coalesce, you're going to be able to extend far more grace to yourself and the people in your life and make big, bold steps towards lasting, positive change.

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This Week's Big Think

Where are you or your people struggling to get the results or outcomes you desire? Which area do you need to focus on - resources, support, skills, or demands? What is your next right step in that area? 

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