Remember that time that a rebel blew up the Death Star? No, not the second time. Or the third time. 

The first time when the OG not-yet-Jedi, Luke Skywalker, delivered the mother of all Hail Marys with only the Force and an assist from Han and Chewie to help him?

It's all fanfare (big love to John Williams) and destiny and how brave, how lucky, one in a million shot, kid.

But - wait - was it actually any of those things? Or was Luke just incredibly prepared because he had been bored out of his skull on Tatooine for 19 years? (That's a lot of time for target practice. Just ask the Womprats.)

In this episode of the Magical Mindset Moments Podcast, we're going to explore what this moment holds for us down on Earth really, really right now in a galaxy that is very, very here-ish. 

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