It's easy to feel siloed in life, as though certain tasks or relationships are only allowed to have one dimension.

Laundry is boring. Work is serious. Kids are exhausting. Errands are annoying.

And, while each of these statements is certainly true at times, they aren't the whole truth. Come to think of it, the people we love spending time around are the ones who don't let a single, pre-determined adjective around the tasks they have to tackle control the tone of their whole day. 

They make like Pocohontas and paint with all the colors of the wind.

This is one of the many reasons we love the Hidden Mickeys that you can find throughout Disney properties.

The Disney Imagineers have a serious job with a lot of pressure to deliver to the exacting standards Walt set and guests expect. But, despite that, they also decided to level up the fun by creating a game within the work of making magic by hiding the mouse that started it all all throughout the parks.

Get ready to listen and brainstorm ways we can invite more light and levity into our everyday lives.

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This Week's Big Think

What are some specific ways that you can invite more play into your everyday life?

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Backstory Behind Hidden Mickeys & The Haunted Mansion

Hidden Mickeys Abound!

Learn more about the fun game-within-a-game on Disney properties in this Hidden Mickey episode of the Turkey Leg Talk Podcast (formerly the Ear To There Travel Podcast).

Want to learn more about the history of the Haunted Mansion? 

For a 20-minute overview, check out Phil Gramlich's Word of the Week: Mansion Episode.

For a deeper dive,  check out Episode #492 of the WDW Radio podcast.

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