Magical Mindset Moments

A Parenting Podcast Exploring Life Lessons from Disney Movies

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If you’re ready for a family friendly podcast that's equal parts silly and seriously grounding, you're in the right place.

Life can be hard sometimes. But whether it’s challenging right at this moment or humming along swimmingly, it is always so much better with friends.

Enter The Magical Mindset Moments Podcast, a parenting podcast where real life besties Jen & Lauren explore life lessons from Disney movies each and every week.

In these bite-sized bits of mindset work, we share our favorite takeaways from Disney stories and discuss creative ways we can apply those lessons in our lives. 

We always end with one Big Think and invite you to ponder it through the week. You may choose to: 

  • take it as a prompt to your favorite journal,
  • explore the idea over coffee with a friend,
  • go deeper by discussing it with fellow members of the Magic Family community, or 
  • use as a conversation starter around the family dinner table.

No matter what you choose, we hope this show is equal parts entertaining and enlightening and becomes something you and your family look forward to each and every week.

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- Jen & Lauren

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A Parenting Podcast Exploring Life Lessons From Disney Movies

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