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Hard (But Happy) Parenting

Remember that line from Harry Potter when Ron reads Harry's tea leaves? 

"So you're going to suffer...but you're going to be happy about it."

We're optimistic gals, but we really feel that some (most?) days.

Parenting is hard. Coming back from pandemics is hard. Living your priorities is hard. Finding time to deeply connect with yourself, your family, and your community is hard.

Life can just be, ya know, hard.

But we also know how much lighter and more fulfilling this life thing can be with friends alongside us...whether it's humming along sweetly, throwing us curveballs, or anything in between.

The Magical Mindset Moments Podcast and Magic Family community is our love note to parents everywhere.

Everything we do is rooted in one true thing: that stories have the power to transform us in real life.

Whether you are...

  • searching for great conversation starters for your next family meal,
  • navigating tricky emotional terrain in your family and are looking for support, or 
  • seeking deeper, more meaningful connection in a fun and playful way with your peeps,

...we are here with a mindset lesson borne from some of our favorite stories that we extrapolate and examine with you.

In the Magical Mindset Moments Podcast, we share life lessons from Disney movies and dive deeper into these lessons with our amazing community of parents and kids that we lovingly call The Magic Family.

And you better believe our brains are dreaming up so many other ways we can explore this simple, powerful concept. 

We're talking...

  • a future Harry Potter-focused podcast,
  • family retreats at Disney World,
  • solo retreats for parents around the world,
  • non-fiction and fiction book clubs,
  • and [insert your amazing idea here] because we are really into collaboration and building exactly what you need with you and for you.

No matter your personal or family goals, we are here to join you, support you, and cheer you on.

And this is just the beginning. 

We cannot wait to get to know you and share in this journey - this messy, challenging, joy-filled, raucous, chaotic, hilarious journey - with you.

Here's to all of our great big beautiful (and crazy) tomorrows! 

- Jen & Lauren

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